Wednesday, 8 August 2012

July fill-dyke

Apologies for the the lack of WGRM activity of last posts were filled with optimism as the coarse fishing season had begun which would make up for the lack of trout action and the adventures under a summer sun to follow would certainly make up for the awful weather.

Then it rained even more..............I've always really liked the painting by Benjamin Williams Leader 'February Fill Dyke' but I'm not so sure I will look at it in the same light. After a months worth of rain fell upon already sodden ground in a day which in turn caused some of the worst flooding in West Dorset for nearly thirty years, we were flooded. Out of house and home and as you can imagine the damage and heartache were immense.

It was early July and I'm a bit miffed it all happened before St Swithin's Day (15 July) as being a believer of such folklore we would have got away with it as July 15th was very pleasant indeed. Some agricultural pals take this date very seriously as it eases the stress at harvest time. Rain on this day and it brings much anxiety.

Oh St Swithin if thou'll be fair,
For forty days shall rain nae mair,
But if St Swithin's thou be wet,
For forty days it raineth yet.

Needless to say the sun has shone a fair old bit since St Swithin's this year - at least we can dry the house with the sun on our backs! Thanks for all the pleasant messages from friends and strangers alike - you are most kind.

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