Saturday, 18 June 2016

No ifs, no buts

These shots do not do the scene justice. On my travels during Spring and now into the warmer days of June it hit me - the roadside verges have got better and better, more growth than ever before. The variety of plants, colour and fragrance are fantastic. The wildlife is enjoying the growth too - much more of everything about this year. I have not known a year like it and it certainly makes my commute all the better. There are, of course, grumbles from certain quarters who like the countryside to be orderly just like their neat front lawns.

I love cow parsley - it is the plant that reminds me of this time of year and the verges are full of it. Foxgloves, ferns and ragged robin are all thriving. There have even been orchids this year which have avoided the blade.   

I mentioned it to a friend the other day and he told me the reason why - it's the cuts of course! The highways chaps tinkered and pruned and did "gardening / improving" type works in the countryside all the time. Some of it just for the sake of it. The verge flailed to within an inch of its life. Now they can't as budgets dictate funds are spent on the major routes. One element of Austerity Britain that I won't be shouting about!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Horizontal over Eggardon

I have read of fire rainbows and circumhorizontal arks but can never be quite sure if I have seen a true one. We live in a fold of hills where the weather changes quickly and often bares no resemblance to the rest of the county, glorious one minute and black raging skies the next. Warm and sunny here, pelting it down and cold in Dorchester.  

We were greeted by this wonderful sight the other day - is it a horizontal rainbow? Anyway, whatever it is it's in the perfect spot. I can't imagine a better location for such a thing.  

Friday, 10 June 2016

Friday Ditty Pt 26

Two versions of the classic "Scarecrow" by Pink Floyd. Perfect for a sunny June day. One with music and one silent high quality British Pathe footage at its finest - well they did film it. Some of my favourite Syd lyrics. Pure joy!