Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Thursday, 20 November 2014

So vane!

We like a nice weather vane or weathercock here at Straker Towers - this is a corker. Somewhere along the North Norfolk coast. Any ideas? No prizes I am afraid, you can just bask in the glory that you are a clever clogs and noticer of such treasures!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Glimmering Dusk

Ivor Gurney Memorial Windows - Gloucester Cathedral, Lady Chapel by Tom Denny

Friday, 7 November 2014


In this digital age it must be hard for the magazine publisher to make ends meet. I have a guilty secret - a love of curling up with a good magazine - it gives me that quick fix that a book cannot. The flicking through, pictures, snippets and adverts.

Up until recently I had only one that met all of the above criteria and that is the mighty fine World of Interiors - I know it has arrived as the thud is a loud one as postie shoves it through our letterbox. My obsession with this lovely mag came as a result of finding some back issues a few years ago that contained articles and photography by Olive Cook and Edwin Smith. Much to my delight I found it was still being published and still just as good.

I thought that WOI would be enough to satisfy my mag habit, but three more have made a welcome thud through the box of late........thankfully they are irregular which gives me more time to enjoy them. You cannot rush a good mag.

The rather splendid Random Spectacular is published as and when. Akin to a cabinet of curiosities it would always be a winner for me. A delightful "dip into" mag. I was too slow with the first issue a couple of years ago and regretted not acting sooner. I didn't get a copy and have been unable to find one since. The latest issue has a splendid piece on the house that was the setting for one of my favourite children's books The Children of Green Knowe (1954) . It was unexpected and delightfully illustrated by Mark Hearld. The publishers are St Judes and if you are quick you can grab yourself one of the last copies.

Hole & Corner is another recent find and my goodness what a super read it is too. I came across it by chance whilst reading up on Ivor Gurney and the latest issue has a wonderfully laid out article on stained glass window artist Tom Denny who lives in the Vale of Blackmore. His Gurney window at Gloucester Cathedral is on my list to visit.......Charleston House also features, again complimented by really super illustration. Looking forward to the next issue already.

I thought that would be it and then another corker comes to my attention. They all arrive by post which I prefer - Fallon's Angler is a bizarre and magnificent read. I haven't bought a fishing magazine for years. The reason being is that they are all shite! Grinning baffoons holding obese carp, trout anglers dripping in Orvis and looking like Christmas trees, who has caught the biggest and most - just not my cup of tea.

Fallon's Angler was just what I needed - quirky, silly, obsessive and just plain brilliant. Reminded me of the music fanzines/magazines I used to love in my teens - that is a compliment by the way, it's just up my street. These guys get it - contributions from real angling characters and I do so hope it's a success. I didn't think I would enjoy an angling magazine again, but how lovely to be proved wrong. I am still dipping into it now, so I won't spoil it for you, just buy a copy!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

From this...........to this

After basking in temperatures late last week of nearly 22C on the North Norfolk coast it was a shock to the system this week to be hovering around the 7C mark in the day back home in West Dorset. Lighting fires and hunkering down with a glass of something pleasant are now the order of the day. We are now entering the season of slow cooked stews, pot roasts and pike and perch on the river. Pass the port Gramps!

From this....

To this

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Man From Nowhere

Seeing as we are in the spooky season I thought you would like this little bit of children's trickery from 1976. I can imagine this giving younger children the collywobbles but back in the day we were made of sterner stuff..........I don't like the look of him in the hat though. I must ask The Captain not to ask me to let the dogs out for their last sniff round the garden before bed tonight.