Thursday, 14 July 2011

Invisible Dick

 I just love these old book covers and this is timely as my son and I have been reading some Blytons of late with a particularly portly rozzer pretty much as our friend looks above. Already I am digressing as this was to be a welcome and introductory post!
 I am Dickie, Dick, Rick, Richard - sometimes Straker and sometimes Angelus. Being such an enthusiast of most things musty, creaking, oily and old a few of my pals have scoffed at me indulging in such a modern form of communication as this blog..........I know it is contradictory, but I keep finding so many things that fuel / enthuse me that I have to store them all somewhere and if nobody is interested then fair enough - I like all this guff so if it keeps me happy then so be it. Toodle pip for now!