Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Whimsical and fantastic creations

I am not sure how I found the ceramics of Prue Piper, but I think it may have been on my journey researching the photographs of her husband Edward and father in law John. Both of whom I have always had a liking, especially their images of carvings associated with churches.

I chanced upon this small selling exhibition (until January 2017) at the delightful Bruton Museum - worth a visit in its own right, but look at these delights which I must say I found most appealing.

I especially liked the mermaid jugs and two faced millennium mug looking forward and back and was not surprised to see that each of the superb Green Man plates had already sold - these are quite wonderful and oh how I would love one!

The centrepiece being a most wonderful bowl the like of which I have never seen before - quite stunning and full of folklore, charm and humour. I enjoyed it enormously.

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