Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Dark Days Celebration

A week or two ago the trees were still heavy and laden with fruit. I picked the last of our few varieties here in Dorset before the winds came and then ventured up to Gloucestershire for what is know our annual "dark days" celebration. This is usually well after the traditional bonfire night burn up towards late November. It's more of a thank you to the orchard and offering of light ahead of the next apple season - Lord Summerisle would be proud!

There were still a great number on the trees, but really only the late Ashmead's Kernel, all the others that we hadn't got round to picking were like a sea of fallen baubles on the orchard floor. Some will be picked and others left for the birds.

The fire lit, rockets are shot up through the trees and their broken carcass to be excitedly found in daylight. This year was even more of an extravaganza as a forgotten about box of Standards finest was found hidden in the corner of the shed - let the dark days celebration begin!


The Two Terriers said...

Lovely Dickie, a homage to The Green Man. We've still got a lot of Jonna Gold and Jonna Red in the Orchard and Golden Delicious too but although the crop of the Gds is heavy they haven't been frosted enough to be tasty. I'll do a blog on them. ATB, John

Dickie Straker said...

Thanks TT and your are indeed correct!! I know I have perhaps over posted on apples in the past, but they are worthy of such things - they play a major part of my year! TTFN Dickie