Monday, 4 May 2015

More blossom?

Blenheim Orange

Can you ever have enough? I know since starting this blog I may have overloaded you on the blossom front, but you will just have to put up with me I am afraid. It is one small part of the natural calendar that continues to bring me much pleasure. I have spent a good few hours this last week sat right in this blossom in our family orchard up country - it changes by the day and is a good place to contemplate life's tribulations with a mug of tea. It keeps coming - plum, cherry, pear, apple - sort of in that order, although we are seeing a second flush of pear blossom which I can't recall noticing before on those same trees which have already blossomed.

Cherry - then

Cherry - now
The blossom differs so much from tree to tree. Blenheim Orange is almost watery by comparison to the rich and dark Ashmead's Kernel. The whole orchard is alive with a myriad of insects and birds all taking advantage of this annual extravaganza.

Ashmead's Kernel
The scene changes daily and the slightest of winds can make you believe you are in a winter wonderland as a blossom blizzard covers everything. Nocturnal visitors include fox and badger who betray their presence by crapping in the orchard and the roe deer which like to tear the bark from the trees. All are welcome.


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