Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wakey, wakey Jasper!

I just happened to look down whilst preparing the veg for dinner and there she was, all dosey in a warm cabbagey nook. Still alive, only just. Out of interest I put her on the window ledge to inspect later. That evening The Captain asked me what that drilling noise was this Queen wasp flying like a zeppelin around the kitchen. These photo's do not do her justice - she was a whopper. Back door open and she was off. Thank goodness I say. I called them Jasper's as a nipper. These days it's more like stripey bastard or just plain old bastard. Me a nature lover too!    


Unknown said...

We used to call them Jaspers too Dickie.There seem to have be more of their large friends the Hornets around for the last few years.I had the pleasure of regular visits to my swim on a pond i was fishing last year.I was unknowingly sitting at their drinking spot.They flew in a few feet past me and landed on vegetation just in the water.Quite ungainly creatures,its a wonder how they can fly at all!.

Dickie Straker said...

I do love a hornet Champ and certainly don't use unsavoury language with them as I do a Jasper!! A few seasons ago I sat under a hornet tree pn the Avon, it was amazing, they weren't bothered by me at all and the flight path was fascinating - missed a few bites too. Trod on a hornets nest a couple of years ago on the middle Stour whilst getting out of the river, with chest waders! Talk about Ministry of Funny Walks.... I ran. TTFN Dickie