Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Before and after

The last of the Pink Fir Apple spuds have been dug up from the veggie patch - lovely gnarly looking spuds, with a few examples of rude veg to boot. Washed and cooked they are lovely with a knob of butter or in a frittata where these little wonders are destined..............the season of plenty is petering out......slowly.


The Two Terriers said...

Pink Fir Apple, butter and black pepper. Wonderful. I used to grow them on the allotment when we lived in Sandhurst.

Pike and perch tomorrow Dickie, the weed is dying back. Excitement or what?

All the best,


Dickie Straker said...

A lovely spud indeed! Yes, we are at the time of pike and perch....a fine time of the year indeed! Best fishes for tomorrow John, TTFN, Dickie