Friday, 7 February 2014

Tramp on a tricycle

John Bennett, traveller, Dolton, Devon - James Ravilious (1980)
This has to be one of my favourite photographs by James Ravilious. I always enjoy examining the contents of this wayfarers rucksack.......just in case I missed something last time. It sort of fuels my interest in the wayfarer and men of the road and river. I think Francis Francis had the same interest - always yarning with old tramps and bait diggers by the Thames beside an upturned boat.

Many years ago, when we lived up in the Cotswolds, I returned home one evening to find a tricycle parked in our garden out of sight. In the wood next to our cottage was the mirror image of John Bennett sitting by a fire with a long dog that had more ribs on view than anything else. He ate our duck eggs and bacon that night and all I could find out was that he was an ex-dock worker from Glasgow.

He had left in the morning by the time I got up leaving only footprints and a piece of cloth tied to the hedge - I often wonder what the piece of cloth meant, maybe it's safe here?    

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