Thursday, 4 October 2012

Gather in the Mushrooms

The season is underway - slightly mixed, but a few pleasant finds just to keep me going back. There is something about the chase when on a shrooming trip, it can be as exciting as actually finding the funghi itself. Will they be in the same spot as last year? Some have never failed me for twenty years or more thanks to my little black book and their location of course. 

My shrooming trips have been as rare as my fishing trips with only the odd poke around on my journey to and from work. The last few weeks have seen quite a few Agaricus (field mushrooms) as the season has wetted up a bit, but no Wood or Field Blewits at my usual haunts. I live in hope, as in previous years I have had them right up to the Christmas period. Boxing Day has been the latest I have enjoyed Field Blewits on toast.

My weaponry has pretty much been the same for a few years now, but I could not resist the Opinel knife (above, far left) which I came across rather surprisingly in a local shop. It has just entered service and was duly christened by taking the glorious Chicken of the Woods (Laetporus sulphureus) that you can see below.
The other knives are also favourites and get an outing every now and again - the two middle knives were very welcome purchases on a Tuscan adventure and the knife on the far right has particular sentimental value as it was my very first dedicated shrooming knife.
A Somerset willow basket and firkling / furkling / fettling stick complete the set up, and more often than not these days I tend to have a pocket magnifier to hand. The stick that accompanies me on every trip is ideal for turning over leaves and woodland flotsam. A joyful item hand made for me by my good friend Styx the boatman.
The season is young, so i'll endeavour to bring good news to these shores soon. 
Come on my beauties, you can do it!


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