Thursday, 17 November 2011

Buried Treasure Part 1

We are currently in the throes of decorating and general decluttering ahead of a house move - I'm not too keen on the decluttering side of things as it usually means I have to decide whether to keep, throw out or charity shop something which ordinarily I would like to keep for a rainy day.

I have treasure scattered everywhere. Sheds, garages, lofts, in the boot of my car, bags under sofas........I'm sure you get the picture. More often than not I do forget what I have and this was the case when the magnificent haul you see here was recently re-discovered in a box in my parents loft.

Everything you see in the pictures (bar the rod stoppers) belonged to my grandfather. After he died, my father presented me with a carrier bag which contained this and much more. The joy of finding long forgotten treasure like this is certainly something that gives me the utmost pleasure.

The leather wallet is a coarse fisherman's compartment wallet by A. Carter & Co. Ltd of Roseberry Avenue, St Johns St Road, London EC - in perfect condition it contains many packets of hook to nylon including the delightful Bombyx hooks to gut, Milwards Cormorant, Express using finest drawn Spanish silkworm and the ever reliable Allcocks Model Perfect!

I was particularly pleased to reacquaint myself with the lovely bait tin which I shall use for worms. I have many of the bigger diameter tins for maggots and find them more pleasing on the eye than a plastic tub. You will also see a split shot tin, pike trace, various implements for removing hooks and attaching bait, two porcupine quill floats and little packets containing hooks and float rubbers.

The rod stoppers are my own and these were also tucked away and long forgotten. They will soon be reunited with their rods. The brass stoppers are from a B.James whole cane Avocet and the aluminium stoppers are from my Allcocks Lucky Strike.

Buried treasure indeed!  



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