Thursday, 20 October 2011

Market Finds No 1

Each week I head up to our Saturday market with some hope in my heart. Will the London dealers have bought all the goodies that I like before I get there? Will I find treasure or will it just be the usual newspaper, sausages and veg. I mostly return bereft of treasure, but sometimes find just the thing. I class this as treasure. Half the fun is the barter with the stall holder and the triumphant return home with prize aloft!

This is a Tri-ang Jones KL44 Crane - What a beauty! What I have been after is a Tri-ang Dock Crane - i'll keep you posted!

I intend to re-furbish & customise the KL44 in time for Christmas - I understand Tri-ang used cobblers twine for the jib & grab cable (at the time Tri-ang offered a hook, bucket or grab - they even did an electro-magnetic & Priestman grab. As you can imagine mighty rare items!).


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