Thursday, 18 December 2014

Only 40 bottles to go!

We had such a glut of all the soft fruits this year. They never go to waste.  I managed to do a couple of gallons of the old Christmas cheer, nectar, winter warmer, soother, bringer of joy, linctus of happiness..........Jumbleberry Vodka!

Here you see the beginning of the operation - I haven't had a sip yet, honest. At the end of the operation the pantry (as I like to call it) or the larder (as The Captain likes to call it) will be groaning under the weight of more bottles to go alongside all the jars of chutneys, jellies, jams and...........bottles of beer!

Whilst clearing space I found a bottle of something which should really go under the buried treasure banner on this blog - a bottle of vintage strawberry vodka. Over 10 years old and I did have a little nip of that, medicinal purposes only of course........splendiferous!

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