Friday, 12 December 2014

Market Finds No 14

I cannot claim this as a find myself. An early Christmas present from a good pal of mine. I was down to my very last Fred Crouch bait dropper. I only ever had two and they were bought in the early 1990's so it is a miracle I hadn't lost both of them years ago.

A local tackle shop found a small batch gathering dust in the store room and there they were out front and for sale like Christmas decorations.......just waiting for a passing angler to snaffle them up and let me have one too of course! What a lovely shade of green - how tackle used to be made. Simple and does what it should do, no frills. Patent pending? Happy Christmas I say! 


The Two Terriers said...

Hi Dickie,

When I was a kid I always wondered who Pat Pending was. Mother shakes head again.

All the best,


Dickie Straker said...

Hi John, wasn't Pat Pending the sister of Ivor Biggun? I'll get my coat! Dickie

The Two Terriers said...

No that was Ben Dover and Phil McCavity. I'll get mine too.

Oakleaf700 said...

My son has one of these, and I said at once ''what a beautiful shade of green''..... I was looking online for one of these, [as he has just one, after giving one away] and saw this post.

Think he must have used it today, as he caught several Barbel with his girlfriend.

Dickie Straker said...

They are the best barbel baiter I know......I think the colour helps mind you, how could you fail with such a baiting engine. TTFN Dickie