Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Spring Head

John Piper - Foliate Head: Spring (1986)
The weather has been schizoid of late. The beginning of the trout fishing season has seen the local rivers up and down like a yo-yo with freezing cold winds to boot. The opening day proved to be the best day to actually cast a line - I didn't. Then we have had days of glorious warming sunshine and days of heavy rain. 

The plum blossom in the family orchard, which is up in Gloucestershire, is just peeping through. The pear will be next and maybe the cherry might have a spurt and beat them all - no sign of it yet. The joy that is the early days of spring blossom - you just don't know how each season will begin.

The ramsons are out and the swallows have arrived. A few have been darting about in Dorset and my diary tells me around now is the norm unlike last years amazing sighting on the last day of the coarse fishing season (March 14th). Very welcome they are too. Is it me, or do the seasons seem to arrive quicker each year? Maybe it's just me getting old.

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