Friday, 29 April 2016

Market Finds No 21

This "market find" has given me the most pleasure in a long while. I first heard about this book many years ago when me old muckers lovely Mum told me about it - she said I would enjoy it and very generously let me borrow her very own copy. It's a rare book and I had to swear that I would not only look after it but absolutely promise to return it to her. I did both and loved the book. Never seen a copy since.

This copy was nestled in a box of "tat" and just reached out to me, it wanted to be found - needless to say I am now reading it again as we head into our own, much smaller, garden renovation here in Dorset. I know the landscape, of Herefordshire, that Monty writes about well and it's a pleasure to be reacquainted with it. 

I like Monty Don. He wears good boots and writes well. He has an honest way about how he approaches his craft. The Prickotty Bush is another welcome addition to my bookshelf and in some ways I think it was meant to be.  

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