Monday, 18 April 2016

Roadside find

I can never resist a well laden roadside stall - this was in the wilds of Dorset and the bantam eggs were 60p for half a dozen. The supermarkets would hate them of course - they aren't all the same shape. I don't need to tell you how yellow the yolks were, you know - did they taste amazing? Of course they did............with bacon, black pudding and toast! 


Piscator said...

Mouth watering, and black pudding now considered a super food there's no limitation .

The Two Terriers said...

Hola from Spain Dickie. The fishing is a sequence of blanks, the reservoir is so full you are fish into scrub and trees but the wine, beer and food are splendid. Love the Bantie eggs and black pudding. Smoked bacon, mushrooms. Suits me. ATB, John

Dickie Straker said...

The wonders of modern technology TT! The beer and grub sound great. A fish is a bonus. Chucking it down here today..... I'm not envious. TTFN Dickie