Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Now and then

April 2016

I've mentioned a few times about my route to the river - it's a regular route even when not going fishing. I get used to it and notice the changes week by week. One change more than any other. One of my favourite Dorset directional signs - in three years it has succombed to the ravages of the weather and possibly the mechanical hedge cutter. It lost its finial long before I "noticed" it as a favourite sign - it may be in the hedge or buried in the verge, but I fear its days are over.

March 2013


The Two Terriers said...

Those bloody things are nothing to do with hedge cutting Dickie. Just a brutal, cruel flail. One of the farmers near us was going to kill some council workers who were threatening to one on his hedge. They gave in and let him do it properly. Some hedges in cambridgeshire make me want to cry, it's a form of cruelty. Time for a Speckled hen to calm down…

ATB, John

Dickie Straker said...

Drives me mad too TT! The council flail is relentless and unforgiving....a sorry sight. TTFN Dickie