Friday, 19 September 2014

The sweet curl of the Downs

Peggy Angus - The Three Bears, Furlongs 1945

I don't need to be persuaded to go on an adventure. Especially with good friend Demus to lovely East & West Sussex. The main item on our agenda was to visit the wonderful Towner Gallery in Eastbourne. It has been on my list to visit for a while and it was truly superb. All the better as the wonderful Peggy Angus exhibition was on - it is running until this Sunday, so not long left if you want to go.    

Peggy Angus - Carters of Poole tile

The Towner building was an architectural joy in itself - light, bright and roomy with an altogether good feel about the place. I could have spent all afternoon enjoying the view and wonderful weather from the art gallery cafe balcony, but we had much to fill our day. 

Peggy Angus - Carters of Poole tiles

I have written before of my liking for Peggy Angus - it all started with me getting to know the links that all my favourite artists had with each other (Ravilious, Bawden, Olive Cook, Edwin Smith) and finding an article some years ago that Olive Cook wrote in World of Interiors magazine on the house Peggy lived in called Furlongs. This, of course, was the house below Beddingham Hill on the South Downs so famously painted by Ravilious.

Peggy Angus - Carters of Poole tiles

I am lucky enough to own some of Peggy's tiles that she designed for Carters of Poole and use them every day, which I am sure she would approve of, as pot stands and the like. The one thing that struck me in the exhibition and those paintings on display in the Eric Ravilious room at The Towner was how frequently the same chairs (see Three Bears, above) feature in all the paintings. Whatever happened to them? They are slightly iconic in their own weird way - anyone know?  

Peggy Angus - Cuckmere Coast Guard Cottages 1947

Furlongs - Edwin Smith
I'll leave you with a quite wonderful bit of footage showing Peggy Angus singing in her house, Furlongs, filmed some years ago - I wonder what she would have made of all this attention relating to her work now?


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