Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Any more for the Skylark?

Here are a few pics of a delightful boat that was at the Stock Gaylard Oak Fair. If I had a boat I would call it Skylark, Titmouse, Whispering Reed or such like.

 If I had any idea how to sail, which I don’t, it would be in a vessel like this – how can you not appreciate its beauty. I spent quite a long time running my hand all over it....the sail, tiller, rudder, stitching and riveting. In fact I had to be physically dragged away from it.  

Other boats I like can be found here: Rescue Wooden Boats – Conserving maritime heritage


The Two Terriers said...

Hi Dickie,

What a lovely thing that boat is. I keep coveting a Clovelley Boat to fish the drains but I think we need a small lottery win! Our son, when he was at Pangbourne College, had a single scull that we restored and named Dace, it was blue green and white. Checked tho Old Nene about four miles from here for some perch hunting on Thursday but came straight home, it was bank-to-bank weed about three inches thick. Completely unfishable. It was even blocking the grids on the narrow boats water cooling intakes. Roll-on some cooler weather.

Best wishes, John

Dickie Straker said...

Yes indeed it is and what a super name for your single scull! After hints of autumn it has been positively balmy here.....indian summer?? TTFN, Dickie