Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The perfect lunch

The perfect fisherman's lunch. I am easily pleased. Cheese rolls with home made rhubarb chutney, home grown tommies, Discovery apple, Dorset apple cake and a bottle of light ale to wash it all down........if only the fish would oblige!


Peter champion said...

Nice lunch there Dickie.Should that be cheesily pleased.Oh dear i,ll get me coat.

Caught some nice mackeral off the Jurassic pier last friday.Only had three trips this summer.Its been hard this year.They seem to have stayed offshore most of the time.

Dickie Straker said...

Greetings Champ! Spot the lucky bait box? I hear mixed reports of the mackies, some say best year in ages....I watched them chasing sprats up the beach the other week. I have heard it hard going off the pier though.....you need a boat or certainly be on good terms with someone who owns one!!!! Ttfn, Dickie

Peter champion said...

Yes i saw the bait box ;-).Spot on with the mackie reports.I have been trying to cadge a boat trip for a couple of years to no avail.Mainly to try for bass.Off to the Axe with hedge later today.