Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Gorwell Circle

Like a Neolithic Bloomsbury group, this magical circle of stones stand high up on the chalk ridge west of Portesham. They still command great glimpses of the sea and Golden Cap to the west. Even though they are all fallen they are still a sight of true calm and beauty.

I think so, although the nippers cried "not another pile of stones" as we walked the most pleasant of walks in perfect peace and quiet only buzzed by swallows and soundtracked by skylarks. Red Kites are now making more of a comeback in this part of Dorset - they are regulars on the slopes of Cranborne Chase to the north, but are still a sight that gets me excited down here on the Jurassic Coast - today we saw five different kites and all so close they even made the youngsters gasp.

It was the stones that shone today - there are 18 visible stones, not all visible and in the end even the nippers enjoyed a frolic and gambol by jumping, inspecting and generally larking about in the presence of such antiquity.  

There is even a grotesque Friday Face in here somewhere - who says history is boring?


The Two Terriers said...

Dickie, There are two in there/ I'll keep taking the medication. John

Dickie Straker said...

Indeed there are John. Henry Moore spent years trying to get the same effect!! TTFN Dickie

Bureboyblog said...

The daily garg(oyl)e.