Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Cellandine shuffle

I adore this time of year. It gathers pace. Blink and you miss things. The trout season started the other week and I am now getting twitchy. I usually take a little break before I cast a fly line, but I cannot wait any longer. My time will come this week. It is likely to be my local West Dorset streams and I will come to the Stour Valley a week or so later.

The swallows are here in growing numbers, the dace are thinking of spawning - large gathers of the silver lovelies are on the sparkling shallows doing the early spawning shuffle. Just thinking about it. They leave the group to sip at a fly and then get back to it. 

The church you see here is one of my favourite Stour Valley spots - nestled in a fold of nowhere its flint walls reflect in the pure chalk waters of the trout stream you can hear as you while away some time in the churchyard. This I do regularly whilst eating my lunch. The dace do a spawning shuffle as I do a cellandine shuffle. It is a special place. Much has happened here in days gone by and more is to come, but at this moment in time I could be the only person alive as I hear nothing other than the babble of the stream.  


The Two Terriers said...

I love that bottom photograph Dickie. I've got one similar I'll post in the next week or so. Strange incised graffiti in a church wall. John

Dickie Straker said...

It's fascinating TT, there are loads of oddments in this church, wonderful place. TTFN Dickie

The Two Terriers said...

Dickie, was the title 10cc inspired? John

PS That bottom photograph looks like an ear.