Friday, 14 April 2017

Hello blossom!


This display of blossom is up country at the family orchard in Gloucestershire. They are a few weeks behind us in Dorset where the blossom is cascading like frothy cream everywhere. It does feel like Spring is earlier this year. The hawthorn especially is looking quite superb, but up north it is hardly out. The same is said of the apple blossom - nothing out in this orchard, but my few trees in Dorset are showing a magnificent display.

What you see here is cherry, plum and greengage. The greengage is a true delight - it came down in a storm some 20 years ago and only the stump was left. What we have here is it coming back slowly but surely....hello blossom!





The Two Terriers said...

The plum has gone here. The pear is out and the apple is beginning top burst. Quince and medlar preparing themselves too. What a great time of the year. Asparagus cutting tomorrow. John

Dickie Straker said...

Perfect! Our different apple varieties are all in various stages of blossom, wonderful! Enjoy the asparagus! TTFN Dickie