Monday, 19 December 2016

Shropshire and Dorset Delight

My trip north to the River Severn last autumn was fruitful in more ways than one. I picked a bait bucket full of sloes which went straight into the freezer after my trip Severnside. I only got round to preparing them the other evening - mixed with gin of the cheapest variety and caster sugar I was extremely pleased to get three large jars out of my Shropshire sloes. What a splendid mixture and I find the colour quite comforting.

Luckily for me I always have a batch on the go, so while my Severn vintage does its thing over the next year or two it's time to crack open the Dorset Stour vintage - picked and prepared by a friend of mine from one of our favourite fishing haunts. Perfect to accompany the writing of the Christmas cards. Festive felicitations!


The Two Terriers said...

Sue made it with blackberries last, it is delicious. Enjoy. John

Dickie Straker said...

I like the sound of that John, may try that next year, cheers! Dickie