Tuesday, 20 October 2015

They keep coming

The crop of tomatoes has exceeded all expectations this year. They just keep coming. We are well into October and I am still harvesting a bowl every day. The season does seem late and at this rate I won't have any green 'uns for chutney, but I am certainly not complaining. I'll keep cropping and the swallows are still flying overhead.



The Two Terriers said...

Dickie, there were clouds of swallows in Murcia, I've never seen so many, House Martins too. I suppose they were on there to their warm winter holidays too. ATB, John

Dickie Straker said...

There were only a few stragglers in the Avon Valley the other day. I have not seen any here now for a little while - always a tinge of sadness when they depart! TTFN Dickie