Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Big brew

Just about to do what I call a big brew. This will keep me, family and friends going over Christmas and into the New Year.......then I will be dry for a month or so. A big batch of home brew is very welcome to compliment the bottles of artisan ales in the larder. The days of grim beer kits are over by the way. There is a huge choice out there and most of it very good.

First stage is to clean the bottles and what a collection. One pint, two pint heavy dark and brown with Bakelite screw stoppers. Some came from the old Whitbread Brewery in Cheltenham when it closed and others from Stroud, Worcester and Bridport. Let the brewing commence.      


The Two Terriers said...

The Boss won prizes for her home brew. She had a recipe book for White Shield and London Pride and Bass. What fun. Happy days Dickie. ATB, John

Peter champion said...

Ah home brew,happy memories.Thirty years or so since my last brewing fun.Made some lovely ales too.Bottled in pinters with crown corks.Even put fancy labels on my best ones.Spoiled by supermarket deals these days im afraid.Weaned off the Butcombe at the moment.Bishops Finger,Proper Job,and Bishops Tipple taking my fancy.Little extra strengh to see me through these dark evenings Dickie.Fished Fiddleford for the first time in a few years a couple of Fridays ago.Caught my chub in the end.Very enjoyable afternoon.

Dickie Straker said...

It is addictive-works out at 20p a pint and the days of ditchwater brews are over, this is good stuff! You are right Champ, so much choice these days and prices coming down for bottled ales. Lidl on the case now with artisan bottled bitter including Butcombe! Fiddleford sounds good, I had a jack on a lob the other evening downstream! All the best, Dickie