Monday, 26 October 2015

Pink Moon

I occasionally have a little breather from the blog, so apologies for the paucity of posts........I have been fishing constantly over the past few weeks. It has been sort of all consuming in the loveliest way.

It all started with that amazing supermoon a few weeks ago. I went to bed listening to the superb world premiere of Max Richter's Sleep. An eight hour lullaby that was to be the soundtrack of my day. I awoke and it was still there, trundling like me as I gathered my tackle and travelled north to Shropshire. I arrived at the river as the low applause signalled its end - lovely.

The Upper Severn, this particular beat of the Severn, has a special place in my heart. Many happy memories and days with good friends many moons ago and my first visit in thirteen years or so. I just needed to come back to close the chapter as it hadn't happened back then.

The day was a joy - barbel and chub the quarry with my good friend Rocket Wrudd of Wigan (official supplier of fireworks to the Golden Scale Club). 

I left the river as the moon came up over the wood down river. Like Richter's Sleep it stayed with me all the way to Dorset and I viewed the climax at the best place in the world -  Eggardon. Wrapped in a duck down coat I felt like the only man alive. 


The Two Terriers said...

OK Dickie I'll let you off about the lack of posts. The trip tp Spain, the Boss's significant birthday and having the grandchildren have made my fishing the opposite of yours. After this week the lonely fen calls and it will be at least three days a week until the end of the season. Then there's the Christmas card too. And the garden. Best wishes, John

Dickie Straker said...

You have had a busy time John. I am slightly miffed I haven't made any chutney this autumn, but hoping to put that right this weekend - we have apples and tommies coming out of our ears! On the cusp of pike time, I need a perch or two first. Best fishes, Dickie

The Two Terriers said...

Sue made Crab Apple Jelly on Sunday, all from a little tree in the side garden. Delicious, next the Sweet Chilli Sauce from the frozen crop. We're still picking ripe tomatoes in the greenhouse but I think the weather will win this week. Thick fog this morning. John

Dickie Straker said...

Sounds lovely John! I picked the last of the tommies from the greenhouse today - it was cold in there too. Quite a few green uns for chutney this weekend, so will do a batch of my usual whatever is to hand chutney. Main ingredient being apple! Fill up the pantry, Dickie