Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Yes. I remember Adlestrop

There is a special place in my heart for Adlestrop - not just because of dear Edward Thomas, who I admire greatly, and whose poem (below) ranks as one of my most favourite of all time, but it is ground well trodden by me and an area that has so many happy memories. Today marks 100 years since Thomas stopped at Adlestrop station en route to visit his friend, the American poet Robert Frost, at Dymock near Ledbury. He did not set foot in the village, but wrote in his notebook "..... thro the willows cd be heard a chain of blackbird songs at 12.45, and one thrush and no man seen, only a hiss of engine letting off steam.” 

I now consider myself a man of Dorset, but many moons ago I did haunt the lanes around Adlestrop, cycled to fish for carp at the delightful lake, set up home and married there. The Captain and I went back the other week. Only a whistle stop visit, but lovely all the same. It's changed a bit, but I guess most places do after a while.

I still have the cricket ball that landed by me as I fished one Summers evening - a glorious six and no-one came looking for the ball, so I took it home and it remains with me to this day - a reminder of happy days lakeside where blackbirds sang.  

Adlestrop Lake - Sunrise towards cricket pitch
Adlestrop Lake 


The Two Terriers said...

A tear in the eye Dickie. Fished when England were plying their 'trade' last week, certainly wasn't art. I caught nine rudd in the river over the field from the house between six ounces and twelve ounces, all on sweetcorn. back to the stewed wheat and tares now until the pike season arrives. All the best, John

PS we feel the same about the area around Ringwood from the early seventies. A honeymoon in The Crown Hotel and Sue's first fish, and I mean FIRST, a two pound five ounce roach on crust.

That should be grounds for immediate divorce.

Dickie Straker said...

I haven't caught a Rudd for a very long time - stewed wheat and tares are excellent bait - forgot to mention in this post that the lake is right by where Adlestrop Station once stood - ET might have heard the gurgling from the outflow and the cluck of the moorhens.......I'm pretty sure The Crown Hotel is still there - happy days, Dickie