Saturday, 14 June 2014

Hatful of hollow pt 3

The recent warm showery weather has made everything shoot up and turn a deeper shade of green overnight. Some of my favourite dark lanes in West Dorset are so infrequently trodden they are now virtually overgrown and unless you go prepared with a big stick the going is hard to tough.

No such problem here though. A perfect example of where man has "interfered" with the natural environment. A lovely old dark lane on the edge of town which has now been formalised. Tarmac has replaced this foot and cart worn route once walked by those from the village to town.

This one below was an unexpected treat last year on our annual jolly to North Norfolk. I didn't expect to find such a lovely dark path in the flat lands of the east, but here it was. I loved the way the canopy enveloped the path like a tunnel. The distant sound of the sea and the call of Curlew and Oystercatcher added to its mystery. You always find such a diverse mix of flora and fauna down these little routes - trees are particularly gnarly, deformed and inviting. The deep paths always lead somewhere - this one to the lovely church at Salthouse. Perfect wildlife corridors and I have made it a must do on my Summer list to spend a night in one locally. 

In the nearby village this little route twisted and turned screened by high flint walls - I should imagine this is a much loved path by all who live here. Not so dark and deep, but enchanting all the same. 

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