Monday, 30 June 2014

Watch out Jim the postman!

I was just about to push some cards into one of my most favourite post hit me from the right, then another from the rear. Then I heard the hum and noticed a band of busy home seekers had also found this delightful VR box to their liking. I must tell Jim the postman to watch out or else they will be after him!


The Two Terriers said...

Hi Dickie, it must be a good year for them, I was working in the front garden border a few weeks ago thinking 'what a splendid noise the bees are making in the lupins', looked at the lupins and nothing. Looked up and there were thousands of them, a swarm as a cloud. We've had them in the chimney stack. In the school chimneys and roof space. A friend who keeps bees now has eighteen hives, 50% up on last with what he has collected from peoples house and greenhouses. Good to see a few more around.

All the best, John

Dickie Straker said...

I think you are right John. Noticed them a lot earlier this year - a few wasp nests already down by the river - dogs came out with 'em in their beards the other night! No harm done though. Reminds me of this time last year when getting out of the river after trout fishing, trod on a hornets nest in the bank - that wasn't funny!! Although I am sure any passers by would have found it hilarious - Ministry of Silly Walks and all that! TTFN, Dickie