Monday, 12 May 2014

You can judge a beer by its label

I admit, on this occasion, I did buy this beer because of the label. It's so simple and the colouring is superb - blue on yellow and uncluttered. Simply states: Contains malted barley! A lovely light snifter at 3.2% ABV from our local brewery. Nice yellow cap too. Would go very nicely with a bag of chips I thought - wrapped in newspaper of course. I make no apologies for the glass.

Talking of beer labels, I have been searching for the labels created by Edward Bawden for an age. He did them in the 1950's I think. The brewery was Walkers of Warrington who brewed a lovely sounding Brown Peter Ale. Anyhow, with the wonders of modern technology I have unearthed them here along with some other quite lovely EB items for your edification.


Peter champion said...

I love a Pale Ale Dickie and will certainly try and find a bottle or two of Palmers.My favourite is Timothy Taylors Landlord pale Ale.I have recently tried River Cottage Extra Pale Ale which has an interesting zingy flavour and is a very pale colour.Im afraid fishing has taken a back seat for the moment.These recent winds have been very annoying for plants and fishing!.

Dickie Straker said...

Thanks Champ, will search that one out. If you are a good boy I may bring you a bottle or two when we next meet! The Mayfly are showing on Bridport Rivers, just a few, and also on the Stour. Bestest fishes, Dickie