Monday, 5 May 2014

That's why they're special

Looking forward to the next classic diesel gala and beer festival in Dorset at the Swanage Railway later this week. It's a perfect day out for chaps who are still little boys at heart and you get to drink beer too!

As a child I was fascinated by the huge English Electric locomotives, in particular the Deltic. Living in the BR Western Region we never saw them, only on special trips along the east coast, Kings Cross or York. They were rumoured to be so huge that they were unable to go under our bridges! This was a time when we had locomotives, remember those? A rare sight to actually see a real train these days and if you do it will be one shipped to this country from the USA. How times change. 

This 1980's footage from ITN News is a treat in the New Year I was taken to Kings Cross and watched all this unfold......I was there! Check out the driver, Leonard Smith, after 33 secs and the chap calling "Len, Len" and quickly realising he is being filmed. The young lad at 40 me if you can!   

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