Monday, 26 May 2014

Where green roads meet

The Captain says I don't need any encouragement these days to open a bottle of beer. I do try to put a celebratory slant to it, but sometimes it is just a fitting way to close a day.

This weekend has been highly enjoyable and I am not ashamed to say a few splendid ales sampled , not just because it is an extra long one and there is the exciting prospect of additional days off with the nippers this week due to half-term, but it has been one of those weekends where all green roads meet.

The commute home on Friday was tortuous, so I decided to divert along my most favourite route which wends its way from the Upper Stour valley across the finest hills that West Dorset has to offer and back down into the valley of the Brit. The weather was foul, but on reaching Eggardon the odd crack in the clouds made for a splendid moment to stop, get out of the car and breath. I could just make out Golden Cap to the far west and Pilsdon to the north with Yellowhammers the only sound to accompany the wind.

The May blossom is so fine this year. Up on the high road it is like a carpet of snow. The cow parsley and early elderflower that compliment the blossom makes the whole scene almost dairy like - I think of scones and jam to go with the cream it is so vivid.

I did the same route again the day after - en route to one of the most enjoyable Golden Scale Club AGM's for a long time. Each year is enjoyable, but this year it just hit the spot. Fine friends and fine beer. I just had to have another when I got home and I am ashamed to say it was another that I bought just for the label!

A lively little number as you can see, refreshing and sweet with citrus notes. Humpty Dumpty Brewery (Reedham, Norfolk), Reedcutter Ale - it is in fact the last of my Norfolk brews that filled the car on our return from Summer hols last year. A fitting end to a golden day!     


The Two Terriers said...

Good Lord Dickie, you made those last. back to working on the latest print today and putting another colour down. I am impressed with your restraint.

All the best,


Dickie Straker said...

I saved them for special occasions John, honest! More of your prints in your blog please - love 'em! TTFN, Dickie