Thursday, 28 November 2013

The edge of everything

I don't know how I missed this delightful BBC4 series which was broadcast back in March. One of the episodes was with an artist who I admire greatly. Norman Ackroyd has always been an inspiration and when I need a slice of St Kilda it is usually to his monochrome etchings that I head for my fix. 

He has a wonderful talent which takes me there right then and right now with my own soundtrack of gull and sea. I am heading to Cape Wrath and St Kilda next year and I guess part of the reason for my fascination with these extremities is down to the art of Norman Ackroyd. It has always added to the mystique and enhanced my enjoyment of these places and so many others.

I especially like the way Norman pronounces archipelago! Splendid stuff.

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