Saturday, 23 November 2013

Saturday Fever!

I don't normally post on a Saturday - either watching footy, listening to footy or fishing! With it being a quiet day on all those fronts I thought you would enjoy this little gem from the 1950's.

I am a football traditionalist and it hurts a great deal at the moment being a Cardiff City supporter - off the field eccentricities have been the focus when we should be celebrating one of the greatest periods in our clubs history. The fans know we will always be blue. We play Manchester Utd tomorrow for the first time since 1974 - we should be in blue and them in red - how times change.

I crave for the simple days of Ninian Park and pipe smoke, the smell of warm Peter's Pies from the Bob Bank kiosk and the pre-match build up that sometimes involved wading through the fug in the Bluebird Club. My Dad would let me go for a pee at half time by myself and this in itself was a journey of discovery to the Bob Bank bogs - my boys don't believe me when I tell them how horrific they were!


The Two Terriers said...


Although a Middlesbrough supporter I used to go to St james' park when I was at Art School there. The old old terrace in the sixties had had urinals for about twenty people and 20,000 on the terrace, so they peed where they stood down a rolled up sporting pink. The terraces were like a weir pool lip and on a cold day they steamed, the good old days… If you're frustrated fan you're a true fan. Pike fishing this pm and the farmers on holiday and I can use both rods!


Dickie Straker said...

Hi John, sounds like my sort of place!! I remember hoiking my jeans up so my flares didn't get a soaking - good old Boro' - always a hard opponent and got a standing ovation a season or two ago after totally outclassing the Bluebirds in an end of season game. Hope the pike bit, Dickie