Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Friend or foe?

There are few in the world of angling who understandably see the otter as foe, but many a day riverside has been enhanced by the sighting of this creature. A true barometer of how well our rivers our doing now by comparison to the dark days of constant pollution seen in my childhood. I absolutely love them.

I have a slight obsession with cotton tea towels, so was overjoyed to find this lovely Richard Bawden example on our recent summer excursion to the North of Norfolk. Almost too nice to use!

Richard Bawden

Shell For Quick Starting - Kennedy 1931



The Two Terriers said...

As usual Dickie, the poster is beautiful, do you have a warehouse full of them? Still haven't got this working on the TT.


Dickie Straker said...

Not only a warehouse John, but under the stairs, bed and in the shed! More to follow! Dickie