Wednesday, 22 July 2015

New Forest ponds

I did much of my early carp fishing on ponds. Small ponds. Then, as I got older, I migrated south to the barbel rivers of Southern England and in between these trips fished the ponds of the New Forest for carp which were, almost, wild in strain. All on local club books.

Some of my old favourites are now no more. Access denied or the clubs have long since lost the rights. One such place that I visited the other evening brought back memories of the 1980's. A typical New Forest club water. Tree shrouded, full of pads and the odd old boy fishing in a quiet corner soon to head home for his tea.

A handful of Spiced Straker Special less than a couple of feet out, float fishing lift method and a lump of meat on the hook - how could I fail?  

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