Friday, 17 April 2015

The blossom trail

A quick trip up to the Three Counties (the land of fruit, veg and cider) and just a tad too early for the blossom trail that surrounds Bredon Hill. I had almost forgotten how lovely it was up there around the hill. These pictures are in the village of Overbury where the magnolia was such a shade of white. Whiter than Tunnocks marshmallow, I could have eaten it. 

It feels like a world ago now. The temperature didn't get much above 7 degrees by lunchtime and this week in Dorset it's been 22-23 degrees - how weird is that? The mackerel are in, blossom is just coming through and the swallows first spotted on March 14th are now here in greater numbers. The trout are feeding on grannom and hawthorn (St Mark's fly) flies and the wild garlic is near, I can smell it and its glorious flowers will appear any day. The natural markers in the year of the countryside come and go.

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