Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Buried Treasure Part 9

The year is 1981. A few days into a new coarse fishing season and a year after Ferney caught his Redmire Pool record. We boys were still on a high about this and constantly thumbed our copies of Angling magazine which had a superb photo special spread to mark the capture.

I opened the season in 1981 at a lovely pool which I had to myself and was filled with excitement as I caught a Donald Leney carp of about 6lbs. I can still see the float going under now. I had cycled from home at first light to the village a couple of miles away where a legendary former Redmire angler allowed the local tackle shop to issue day tickets to fish his pool. I loved it there, paradise for 50p.

It was a Tuesday and I had bunked off school. My classmates were all caught on the canal after being dobbed in, but I remained undisturbed in a quiet corner of Gloucestershire just watching my float and excited about a new season and a gig in a couple of nights!

The poster (above) was from the gig and recently found in a quiet undisturbed section of my folks loft! Buried treasure! A piece of letterpress history and my first ever gig at 13 years of was brilliant. Halcyon days. Here comes the summer.


The Two Terriers said...

We can work out your age now Dickie…


A trip to the far NE corner tomorrow

Dickie Straker said...

A mere slip of a lad TT!! TTFN Dickie

The Essex Scribbler said...

U ndertones, great band. Saw them at Ipswich Gaumont in about 1980. As you say, halcyon days. Teenage kicks, the first song I learnt to play on guitar......last year !