Monday, 25 August 2014

What rot!

What a disaster. We returned from our jolly east to find everything in the garden going full pelt. Cucumbers the size of a mans arm, pumpkins just below footy size 5, tommies everywhere and tasting amazing, spuds still doing well .............but the fruit, what has happened? It's the dreaded brown rot in the plums that's what. 

I was so looking forward to eating these as I remember seeing the tree overladen last year just before we moved in. The plan was for jam, chutney, crumble and the most heavenly dish of all - plum bread and butter pudding (give it a go - I love it cold too). They will all have to be picked and disposed of. Luckily the apples are not showing much in the way of rot, so we may just about get away with it.  

We did some splendid plum picking up near Burnham Market - Opal, Violetta, Sanctus Hubertus and one I have never heard of before, Blue Tit ( bottom right - this was not quite ready, but looked an incredible colour). 

As if by magic a spot of rude fruit cropped up too - what a mighty fine rear!

All is not lost as we will raid the family orchard up in Gloucestershire for our plum fix and we did bring back a big bag of Norfolk plums which are now sitting in the freezer.

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