Saturday, 30 August 2014

Dorset Iron Engineers

A rare moment of quiet and calm after a busy time eating windfalls and protecting the boundary from old ladies, postmen, folks legitimately going about their business, children on their way to the playground, anything sounding like a slammed car door, the squeak of a gate, old men with white sticks, cats and's hard work you know.

If you want a fix of all things Terrier I can do no more than direct you to the most wonderful blog of Mr John Richardson - The Two Terriers and recommend you purchase his stupendous art book: Being a Guide to the Jack Russell Terrier. One of the loveliest reads this last year!     


The Two Terriers said...

Hello Dickie,

The Boss and I have just returned the grandsons to the left luggage office and we're catching up before an early nigh which will hopefully relieve the exhaustion.

Thanks for PR, brilliant, and much appreciated. can you send me a jpeg of the dogs please, then we start.
I have the dogs, a card, and illustrations for a fish book to cut along with all the other jobs like fishing, perch this week and pigeon shooting for one of the local farmers. I do like pigeon pie with mash and peas and a proper gravy. Sigh. Greatly underrated and delicious food. All the family want pigeon breasts but it's strange how nobody wants to help you with the cleaning.

All the best,


Dickie Straker said...

Absolute pleasure John - the book makes us smile every time! Put your feet up, tiring work looking after nippers. Every time we come to Norfolk we comment on the huge amount of pigeons, look fatter than ours down here and prob taste better too - ooh, that is an autumnal dish if ever there was one! TTFN, Dickie