Monday, 14 April 2014

What are you looking at?

This Dunnock continually visited my wing mirror over the last few days.......I'm sure he / she was on the look out for a mate and thought "hang about, I'm in here". All is now well, we all make mistakes - a nest is being constructed in the hedge as I write.


The Two Terriers said...


When we lived in Sandhurst the Blue Tits and Great Tits used to do the same thing. Strange behaviour, here in West Norfolk it's a blackbird that exhibits the same sort of behaviour, although he's after worms if I'm in the garden. I'll try and get a picture after I've had a look at my ABU poster.

All the best,


Dickie Straker said...

My word what a splendid ABU poster! Still no sign of a handle yet - I live in hope. Are you allowed to display the poster in a prominent place? The Dunnock has found a "real" mate now, so the mirror antics are over, it's full on nest building - they don't hang about! TTFN Dickie

The Two Terriers said...

The Swallows and House martins arrived on Monday. It's summer, that's official.


Dickie Straker said...

Yippee! I even went out without a coat today and wore a floppy sun can't be, it must be, it is officially warmer! TTFN, Dickie

The Two Terriers said...

I hhave a couple of old ABU Cardinals, if the handle is any good on one of them you're welcome to pillage. I'll email you a picture. Then the reel would be an ABU Mule. The poster is in my studio and with the door open to faces out onto the hall. It looks better in the flesh believe me.

Had a good day on the trout yesterday using buzzers.

All the best, John