Friday, 25 April 2014

Buried Treasure Part 8

In it for the honey - Clifford Harper
One of Saturday's pleasures is to find the splendid illustrations by Clifford Harper in The Guardian. I can't think of a single one that I haven't taken a liking to.

Core values - Clifford Harper
Imagine my joy when these clippings turned up. My father, who sadly recently passed away, formed part of quite a few of The Guardian's Country Diary column when his pal Colin Luckhurst (one of the longest serving Guardian contributors until his sad death in 2009) penned them. And, as ever, beautifully illustrated by Clifford.

The herds and the bees - Clifford Harper
As with most buried treasure it can be so easily lost and never be found again. These have to be my most favoured and welcome buried treasure items yet. I think they wanted to be found. 

May 22 1998 - The Guardian

September 10 1999 - The Guardian
April 6 2001 - The Guardian

September 7 2001 - The Guardian

January 11 2002 - The Guardian

31 May 2002 - The Guardian


The Two Terriers said...

Why don't the quality broadsheets do more of this Dickie. The Radio TImes used have beautiful line illustrations on every page. Rosoman, Micklewright, Gentleman and the rest. Time and money I suppose.They've brightened my Friday morning.
All the best, John

Dickie Straker said...

Glad you like them John - a total surprise to find them. The orchard lives on, but the honey bees are no more........TTFN Dickie ps loved the float print - superb!