Monday, 10 March 2014

The Cockle Man

Now I am partial to a cockle or two and not only as a snack brought on by the munchies in the pub. At one time they were the only bait on a summer fishing trip and I mean the only bait - perfect for carp and tench and the more rancid the better. Some of my best fish have had a liking for them.

Haven't had or used one for a while and this lovely tin, a recent find, brought them back into mind. A Berwick Cockle has no association with the sea though! It's a humbug or mint ball - I've never had one, so can't comment on what they taste like. Great tin though.

Talking of cockles, take a look at this film "The Cockle Man" by father and son film makers Matt and Mark Daunt. It tells the tale of Dave Bartram who trawls the pubs of Nottingham selling his cockles from his basket. Could do with a Dave in the pubs around here. Super stuff.

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