Thursday, 27 March 2014

I'm the King of the World!

Was the cry that went up from middle nipper. I had to agree with him as I too had the very same feeling as a turbulent wind blew into our faces. I surveyed the coast from this highest of vantage points and he raced amongst the ramparts at Eggardon.

The simplest of pleasures can be the most rewarding and his cry came to mind a day or two later when drying out the contents of our beach shack after the storms.

After a perfect porcine lunch and a forage for findings on the beach (including a nice wave worn door wedge) the warmth of the afternoon sun got the better of me and dreams beckoned........I too felt like the King of the World.


Peter champion said...

A pork pie AND a scotch egg.Good living indeed Dickie!.

The Two Terriers said...

All the major food groups are covered but where are the pork scratchings?


Mike said...

I'm a particular fan of the word ramparts, don't mind the odd scotch egg or pork pie either , king of the world indeed .

Dickie Straker said...

Ahh, haven't had a bag of scratchings for a while - needs to be with a pint or two! Forgot to mention that mug is full of a very fine beef tea with a dash of sherry - I know how to live. TTFN, Dickie

The Two Terriers said...

Pork, Beef Tea, that knife should be a Lambfoot blade at least Dickie, not Opinel.