Thursday, 23 January 2014

No digging here!

With the weather being so grim of late I have needed a fix of something slightly in keeping with these dark days. I remember as a child being especially fond at Christmas of such things as The Signal Man (1976) a BBC adaptation of the Dickens short story, The Stalls of Barchester (MR James) and also A Warning to the Curious (MR James) starring Peter Vaughan which had me cowering under the cushions.   

Friend Ferneyhough reminded me of an absolute gem (he watches it every Christmas) that petrified me and I watched it for the first time in years the other night. Really good for a winters night beside the fire. Another gem from good old Monty James - Whistle and I'll Come to You (1968). Michael Hordern is wonderful in the 1968 Jonathan Miller adaptation.

For the time being I hope you will enjoy this.......I won't be able to walk through the woods at Holkham Beach without looking over my digging here!


The Two Terriers said...

Ah Dickie, did you see the one at Christmas on the BBC about the will. That was really creepy. I can't look at dust hanging in the air anymore. I have a set of MR james ghost stories illustrated by the late Charles Keeping, if you find it read 'The Aquatint'…

Good to have you back! Pike fishing again tomorrow.


PS Still can't get comments to work on The Two Terriers.

Dickie Straker said...

Good luck with the pike John - yes, we did indeed see that spooky one at Christmas and the rather good MRJ documentary - what an interesting chap! Thanks for the book recommendation - Tight lines, Dickie