Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Go fishing by train!

Quite a few years ago I took great delight in going fishing by train. I would often travel the Cotswold Line from Moreton-in-Marsh to the tiny stations of Combe, Finstock and Charlbury to spend a day on the River Evenlode. There was a paucity of services in each direction and I think I even had to request a stop on occasion. 

FC Herrick 1925

It would have been so much easier to go in the car, but not quite as much fun. The joy of stepping off the train and walking into the open countryside, tackle in hand and fishing within a few minutes was far more appealing. I recall catching the last, but not convenient, service back home when the mayfly were carpeting the river. The trout, dace and chub were feeding with gusto...............just one more cast! I only just made the train and caused some excitement coming on board with rod assembled showing the suits some live mayflies I had in a pot.

Charles Sharland 1920

I nearly got adventurous after my local forays. I was able to fish the lovely Cheshunt Reservoir (one of the most atmospheric waters I have had the pleasure to fish - of HT Sheringham, William Senior and John Andrews fame) near Waltham Cross. A horrible journey by car, but what fun by train as it would include a cross London underground element in addition to the standard Inter-City 125!

Douglas Constable 1932

Alas, it only got as far as the planning stage. I dallied and whilst doing so Thames Water decided to fill in some of angling's greatest heritage from 1836. I managed one last farewell trip after the club had given up the rights and the heavy machinery was on site......... but that's another story!

Kraber 1936

Hope you enjoy these super vintage London Transport posters.   


The Two Terriers said...

I am enjoying them Dickie, and going green into the bargain. Super stuff!

All the best,


inlanding said...

Gorgeous posters and a delightfully fishy post. Cheered up my evening - thank you, Nick.

Dickie Straker said...

Thanks John - can't wait for your terrier book. I will buy a copy for The Captain - a terrier may be our next hound!

Thanks Nick - more to follow! Love your Eileen Inlanding blog, one of my fave reads!

All the best, Dickie