Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Buried Treasure Part 6

Flicking through this weeks Guardian Guide I was amazed to see an ad for their first show in 40 years! The mighty Peter Daltrey's Kaleidoscope play at the Islington Assembly Hall on November 17th. I think I read somewhere that they played a very welcome secret gig in the States recently.

Kaleidoscope and PD's other band Fairfield Parlour are never far away from my ears so I do hope the gig is a huge success.

Here's a little treat to keep you going - found a couple of years ago, a rare TV appearance (1967/68) by the boys playing Flight from Ashiya and Holiday Maker. Spot Serge Gainsbourg at the piano trying to act all cool (and very naturally too!!). The blonde dancer is, I think, France Gall - popular French ye'-ye' dancer of the 1960's.

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